Panoramic Tours & Panoramas

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Tours allow moving from viewpoint to viewpoint by clicking/touching the arrow icons within the tour.
The tours can also include hotspots that present additional text, images, video and links.
Panoramic tours and individual panoramas can be presented online in websites, or stand alone in kiosks.

Tour 1
Lakich Studio & Gallery - Tour
Explore the illuminated neon art studio and gallery of Lili Lakich, founder of the Museum of Neon Art. Click tour artwork for names.
Tour 2
The Animal Museum - Tour
This multi-panorama tour of two exhibitions features informational affordances by clicking on exhibit items.
Tour 3
Perea Virtual Gallery - Tour
Rafael Perea de la Cabada is the featured artist whose works are shown in a virtual gallery tour.
Tour 4
El Presidio de Santa Bárbara
State Park - Tour

The Presidio of Santa Barbara, seen here immersively, including the grounds and select interiors. (Sponsor: The Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation)
Panorama 1
Inception's Reflections
Terrace at 530 B St in San Diego. (Artists: Daniel (Maxx Moses) Hopkins, Isaias Crow, Jari "WERC" Alvarez and Chor Boogie aka Joaquin Lamar Hailey)
Panorama 2
Barclays Coffee & Tea
This panorama of Barclays Coffee & Tea portrays the shop in one of its many incarnations. (Features landscape photography by Lawrence M. Pierce)
Tour 4
Shapell Homes
Condominiums by developer Shapell Industries. Porter Ranch, California.
Panorama 1
Del Webb Homes
Senior community home interior by developer Del Webb. Easton, Maryland.
Panorama 2
Les Artistes Inn
The Vettriano Room. Based on the beach scenes of Jack Vettriano. Del Mar, California.