Diverse areas of current and legacy imaging techniques that complement core services.
Image 6-1
Lili Lakich - Portrait at Work
Located in the Arts District of Los Angeles, Lili Lakich is co-founder of the Museum of Neon Art.
Image 6-2
3D Modeling & Rendering
Based on concept art: "Desert Lab Hallway", Global Agenda by Hi-Rez Studios. (Maya and V-Ray)
Image 6-3
Deep Water - HDR Imaging
Capturing the high dynamic range of light between the neon tubes and darker details. (Artist: Lili Lakich)
Image 6-4
Storm at Sea - Illustration
Environment design concept to convey the narrative of a balloon ride gone terribly wrong. (Photoshop)
Image 6-5
Serenity Island - Virtual World
Serenity Island is a 3D built virtual environment with themed areas for avatar exploration. (OpenSim / Kitely)
Image 6-6
Mars Habitat - Simulation
The Mars Habitat virtual construct integrates NASA/JPL images with a 3D built environment. (OpenSim / Kitely)
Image 6-7
Chameleon - Photography
Macro photography of an animal benefits from patience and good eye contact. (Critter wrangling: Gina Papadakis).
Image 6-8
Sensor - Microscopy
While a microscope is revealing, there are challenges of lighting and providing accurate scale. (Sensor: Plaxco Group)
Image 6-9
Alaska - Landscape
Pictorial landscapes can enrich any environment. This one is featured at Barclays Coffee & Tea.