"You don't take a photograph, you make it." ~Ansel Adams
Image Welcome! This is the home of services for creating immersive images and presentations. These productions are designed to be embedded in websites, and can be viewed on all desktop, mobile and VR devices. Immersion makes all the difference.

How You Will Benefit From This Service

If you agree that showing your audience as much as possible about your art, products, or location is critical to your success, then this service will expand dramatically on what you can show and how your audience will interact with and engage in your presentation.

Traditionally, people have used photographs as visuals to give an impression, but the size of the frame usually limits the view. Video has also been useful for showing dynamic scenes of things that move, but they run without visual directional control.

Panoramas, panoramic tours, 3D objects from photographs and virtual galleries form a set of related technologies that are a third option, which expands the visual experience to 360ยบ, while also giving you control over what is seen and how long it can be viewed.

Goals of This Service

Compelling outreach, marketing and documentation for your artwork or products are the goals of this service.

Service Provider Background

As a graduate of Brooks Institute, Lawrence brings their long tradition of meticulous quality to his clients. Prior to technical photography studies at Brooks, his passion was a graphic design consultancy that incorporated an emphasis on visual marketing. Even earlier work included wedding and commercial photography, computer game design and art direction.


Master of Science, Scientific and Technological Imaging, Brooks Institute
Master of Arts, Education (New Media Design & Production)
Bachelor of Arts, Art


References are available upon request. See the Services Page for a list of recent clients. See the Slideshows Page for a portfolio of projects.