Photographic images and neon glass tube illumination combine to produce unique and beautiful artwork.
These are available for commission and installation in commercial and residential settings.
Actual neon colors may vary.

Image 5-1
Emerald Plaza
The Emerald Plaza building graces the San Diego, California skyline with unique green neon lighting atop each of the eight hexagonal towers. In this Photo+Neon work, the nighttime image of the Emerald Plaza is printed on an aluminum panel with eight attached illuminated emerald green neon tubes in hexagonal forms corresponding to the real-world neon of the actual buildings. Back glow created by LED's.

40 x 40 in.

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Coffee Roaster
A coffee roaster after expelling hot roasted coffee beans. Rising steam fills the air while neon softly illuminates with "COFFEE" lettering against the wall. The warm glow of neon illumination is visible night or day.

31.5 x 40 in.