"The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don't have to explain things with words." ~Elliott Erwitt
Image For more information on pricing, please use the Contact Page for a prompt response to your specific needs. Quotations are inclusive of the entire process: capture, processing and delivery.

Pricing Summary

All pricing is provided on a quotation basis. The ideal foundation for a project is the initial consultation. This consultation is offered at no charge and is available for any size project. Please refer to the Contact Page to send an email or to call.
What services are included in the price quotation?

Price quotations include image capture, image processing and final delivery. Much of the necessary work is done during the image processing stage, which constitutes the 'behind the scenes' aspect of a project. The pricing you receive includes basic image processing after photography. Specific requests for extensive retouching are a separate fee. The high quality panoramas and 3D models from artifacts created by this service receive extensive attention to perfecting the details.

Virtual galleries are 3D environments in the computer. Pricing for their use requires a quotation for 2D art or 3D model placement, as they are not sold 'empty'. Client-created content may be accepted for inclusion in virtual galleries.

Electronic project delivery is used with all services, typically via Dropbox. For a nominal fee, CD/DVD/Flash Drive delivery is also available.

What are you buying?

The deliverables produced by this service include licensing for their contracted use. There are no monthly fees or subscriptions for access to panoramas, panoramic tours or images. 3D models may require hosting to support interactive viewing using a 3rd party service. This is a technical consideration, not a licensing consideration. 3D models may also be placed and used within other 3D environments, such as a virtual gallery. The copyright of images created by this service remain with this service. Additional use of the deliverables beyond the original contractual specifications may require a separate licensing contract and fee. Images created by this service are not licensed for distribution through stock photo agencies.


Travel for on-site services is embedded in quotations for projects within a 30-mile radius (approximate) from 91325. This includes:

Los Angeles (north of downtown)
Santa Monica
San Fernando Valley
Thousand Oaks
Simi Valley

Travel to other locations is available and the travel rate is quoted separately on a project-by-project basis.

Rates are subject to change.
Deposits and Cancellations

Project deposits are 50% of the contracted price.
Note: If the project requires additional 3rd party services, those charges are payable in full, in advance, and may, or may not, be refundable, subject to the terms of those 3rd party providers.
How are payments made?

Payments can be made via check or through PayPal. This site provides a payment link, which leads to a secure PayPal portal.

If a refund is issued, it will be issued in the same form as received. Refunds are issued after a 30-day clearing period from the original payment.
Are some projects billed hourly?

Some projects are ongoing with requirements and outcomes that may not be possible to bill as a single project. In those circumstances, distributed billing will be proposed to mutual benefit.

For photography work the images are delivered in the specified target format and size (e.g. TIFF, JPEG, HTML). Raw images are not delivered; raw images are unsuitable in their native form for direct output and remain with the photographer.

For individual panoramas and panoramic tours, the output is a collection of files in a precise arrangement for presentation on the Web. These files must remain together as a set to function correctly and are delivered with the required organization. Additional tours using the original photographs, but with different navigation and added content, are available for separate service fees. Please note that panorama and panoramic tour modifications require specialized software that is not provided.

For 3D from artifact projects, the final model with applied texture is delivered in the specified format (e.g. OBJ, DAE, JPG, PNG) and polygon count. The individual images used to build the model and texture are not delivered. Please note that 3D model modification and viewing requires specialized software that is not provided.

For virtual galleries, final images with embedded artwork or products are delivered as still images, or as panoramas, or as panoramic tours. The environment models and textures used to create the virtual galleries themselves are not delivered and 'empty' rendered virtual galleries are not sold.

This service does not assume responsibility for long-term preservation of client deliverables. The client is expected to use suitable methods for backup and archival preservation.

Client supplied artwork and artifacts retain all of their original copyrights. The client may submit artwork images with watermarks for embedded content in tours and virtual galleries if this is preferred.

Your license does give you permission to exhibit the images as contracted and to make backup copies as required for safe keeping. As the client, you are purchasing service and licensing, not copyright. Unless otherwise arranged, the copyright for all products produced by this service remains with this service. 

Normally, any production of this service may be selected to appear in portfolio and promotional materials for this service. However, a client request not to exhibit their images produced by this service will be honored if requested.

It is expected that the client holds all necessary copyright permissions and licensing for any materials supplied to this service for inclusion in a production. Copyright research is not performed. However, if there are questions of copyright ownership, such materials may not be accepted. In particular, images, text, music and video taken from the Web are considered to be copyright protected and will not be accepted unless reliable indication of permission is formally presented.